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Employee ManualTake the Load Off!
Let Us Write Your Employee Manual For You!

Custom Employee Manual Service

You get Personalized Service – We’ll write a compliant Employee Manual designed to fit the specific needs of your business.

Speak directly with our HR specialists. It’s fast and easy! Your policies and benefits will be written the way you want, and your Employee Manual will be attorney reviewed for compliance with your state and federal laws.

Fast   –   Easy   –   Legal   –    Compliant

Customers' Reviews “…you earned our trust.”
“…You not only “wrote the book” for our Employee Manual,
you indeed “wrote the book” on exceptional customer service.
Most importantly, you earned our trust.” 
Carla M. Fox, R.N.


CusEmployee Manual Policytom Employee Manual Service  –  One Low Price  –  Saves You Time

  • We Do the Work So You Don’t Have To!
  • Complies with Your State & Federal Employment Laws
  • Attorney Reviewed
  • Fast Turn Around

Employee Manual
checkWe Do Everything For You
Tell us about your business, and we’ll write a Custom Employee Manual
for your special business needs. Personal and Professional.

checkVerified by a Business Attorney for Compliance
Your Custom Employee Manual Policies will be reviewed by a business
attorney for compliance with Your State & Federal employment laws.

checkProvides Necessary Lawsuit Protection
Affordable way to have a Custom Employee Manual drafted by a business attorney with
the lawsuit protection you need. 14 Ways This Employee Manual Helps Protect You

checkClearly Communicates Company Guidelines
Makes it easy for you to communicate the “Rules of the Road” for all employees to follow.
Saves you time and provides consistency.

checkAllows You to Keep Important Existing Policies
If you already have certain important policies you want to keep, just let us know.
We’ll be happy to include them in your Custom Employee Manual.

checkYou Get Just What You Want – One Free Revision
You can have us make any changes your need to Your Custom Employee Manual Draft
so you can be sure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Customers' Reviews “I really like the quality…and your excellent service…You gave me everything I need”
“…I especially appreciate how well you answered my questions about the changes I wanted to make…”
Boris, Limo Co.


Call Us

Here’s How it Works

1.   HR Specialists are available to talk to you toll-free at

2.  Download the easy questionnaire to give us specific details about your business.

3.  Policies & benefits are designed for you and attorney reviewed for compliance.

4.  You’ll get a Draft of the handbook. Give us all the changes you want us to make.

5.  An attorney will review your final Manual once again for compliance.



Free HR Tools – Power Up Your Protection & Organize Your Business
Easy way to keep employee records, follow necessary laws and provide proof of compliance.
35 HR & Legal Forms, Basic Law for Businesses, 4 Easy Ways Prevent Employee Disputes & Lawsuits eBooks

Employee Manual



“Great resource to help protect against employment lawsuits”
“Costs less than 1 hour of an attorney’s time, yet worth so much more.”
Kenneth O. Hassan, Esq. Of Counsel Hassan, Hassan & Tuchman P.A.


Customers' Reviews “…very professional and has a lot of good information”
“This handbook has very detailed guidelines…that are not found in other handbooks that I have seen.
I like your responsiveness, excellent service and I appreciate the help you have given me.”

Barb, HR Consultant
Customers' Reviews “I found this Employee Handbook to be very simple and painless”
“There is no way I could have done this myself and had our corporate attorney review
for compliance for this price..
. My state has too many laws to keep up with…
It only took me 5 minutes and I’m almost done. It’s too easy, actually perfect.”

Customers' Reviews “I can’t see myself doing an employee handbook with any other company…”
“The flexibility of service, the depth of information, how professional the handbook is…
It’s worth much more than the actual cost and very generous…”




Custom Employee Manual Made for Your Specific Needs    $499


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